JSJ Gives Back

The JSJ Foundation was established in 1983, and we’ve since invested over $7 million in education, environment, humanities and arts, health, the environment, and human and social service programs. It’s important for us to give back where it will be most needed. That’s why we contribute to those causes, programs, and organizations in our communities where we work, live, and play. Wherever a JSJ business is located, we’re capable of helping.

JSJ Corporation 

The JSJ Corporation Contributions Committee meets quarterly to review project and event-specific grants with awards up to $500.

JSJ Foundation

The JSJ Foundation meets annually to review capital and operational grants. Requests must be submitted by November 1.

We make contributions to causes, programs, and organizations that:

  • are in the areas of education, humanities and arts, health, the environment, human and social services;
  • are located in the general geographic areas where JSJ employees and shareholders reside;
  • or have a JSJ employee involved in the particular charity/event.

The Corporation and Foundation will generally not support the following:

  • participation as a sponsor/patron, where such expenditure includes a table/team sponsorship;
  • healthcare and/or specific disease-related organizations;
  • requests from individuals;
  • or events such as golf

Grant Applications Guidelines

JSJ Corporation

To submit a request to the JSJ Corporation Contributions (for grants up to $500), please include the following:

  • the purpose of the grant and specifically how the grant will be spent,
  • the amount of the request,
  • a brief background on the organization,
  • a copy of the current year budget,
  • and a copy of the organization’s Letter of Determination from the IRS establishing it as a charitable organization.

JSJ Foundation 

To submit a request to the JSJ Foundation:

  • complete the JSJ Foundation grant application, which includes financial information on the organization, the overall program budget, and the amount of the request;
  • include any other information that would help the Foundation make an informed decision;
  • and include a copy of the organization’s Letter of Determination from the IRS establishing it as a charitable organization.

Notification on the JSJ Foundation’s action with regard to the request will be sent within 30 days following its meeting.


Please direct all questions to:
Dana Plowman
(616) 842-6350

Please mail or email requests to Dana at:
JSJ Corporation/JSJ Foundation
700 Robbins Road
Grand Haven, MI 49417