What’s so special about an ID card?

A membership card, menu cover or authenticity tag should be as unique and special as the high-end product, service or membership it represents. When identity graphics need to grab attention and stand above the rest, companies turn to Mcloone. 

Mcloone, a JSJ business, designs and manufactures authenticity and membership cards, custom decals, nameplates, pressure sensitive labels and point of purchase materials in a variety of materials. 

From customer service, to engineers, to quality technicians, the staff at Mcloone collaborates to come up with unique products that will make a lasting impression. Whether it’s for an upscale restaurant or industrial equipment operating in a harsh environment, Mcloone does it all.

“Customers bring us challenging applications on a regular basis,” says Mike Voss, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Mcloone. “What’s interesting for us is developing ways to meld our materials and processes to drive a unique solution that satisfies our customer’s needs. At Mcloone, Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing work hand in hand to develop customer design driven solutions. I believe that it is an essential component in our success.”

Focusing on aluminum but utilizing a vast array of flexible material as well - Mcloone brings its customers’ ideas and designs to life. From specialty drink menus that drive double-digit sale growth to a label that brands a product, Mcloone approaches every project with care and creativity.

Mcloone has produced one-of-a-kind VIP invitations for the Super Bowl and authenticity certificates for designer watches, but even tried and true solutions can be modified to solve new challenges. 

Recently, a customer wanted a two-sided embossed metal ID card for its membership rewards program. They wanted the metallic look and durability but with a new twist. The challenge? Reduce the “clink” the metal card makes when it comes in contact with other surfaces. The Mcloone team came up with a unique solution that produces a metal card that not only looks great but absorbs sound and produces a softer “non-metallic clink.”

Voss says, “Our design engineer really stepped up to the plate. The challenge was to use available resources and maintain our customer’s brand identity, cost effectively. It took true craftsmanship, the kind that only comes from years of experience and understanding, to deliver such a quality product within a reasonable budget.”

While authenticity and membership cards fall primarily within its specialty products category, Mcloone makes labels for many types of every day products as well. From the warning label on a blow dryer, to the panels on medical equipment, to the ID plate on an industrial machine, Mcloone manufacturers custom labels and decals in metal or flexible materials. 

Founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in 1954, Mcloone is a manufacturer of custom decals, nameplates, and pressure sensitive labels. Specialties include metal labels and nameplates; vinyl decals; self-adhesive vinyl labels; asset tags; polycarbonate/lexan identification graphics; and metal signs, business cards, and invitations.