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It’s Saturday morning and a small crew is working at the Dake plant in Grand Haven. However, you’re just as likely to hear, “Quiet on the Set!” as you are the sound of precision machines running.  
That’s because the production floor often becomes an ad hoc studio on weekends for the production of product videos aimed at customers who want to learn more about the features, advantages and capabilities of Dake Machine Tools.Dake Machine Tools John Stong Product Video
The star of the videos is in-house talent John Stong. John has worked with Dake Corporation, a JSJ business, for more than 24 years and when it comes to Dake Machine Tools he really knows his stuff.
“John is an independent Dake representative and he has an extensive background in Dake Machine Tools service, products and sales. He not only sells these machines, he uses them, too. John projects a lot of credibility when he talks about the featured products,” says Dake Marketing Director Frank Kennedy, who also serves as writer and producer on the project. 
Video shoot preparation is a team effort that spans multiple departments. “Scheduling and getting the machines ready and in place involves production, service, materials management and field sales,” says Kennedy.
While Dake has a legacy of American-made quality and performance that goes back more than 75 years, the way it markets its products is continually evolving.  
“Customers want information to be available immediately,” says Kennedy.  “We have product information online, a national network of distributers and sales representatives, and customer service staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful.  These videos compliment these resources and are full of the kind of information that we know our customers want, and need, to make informed purchase decisions.”
Watching the videos is like meeting one-on-one with one of Dake’s most knowledgeable and personable representatives. They are entertaining, too.
Dake works with many well-known professional television hosts as well and Kennedy says he’s very pleased with the initial results from the in-house videos. “John Stong’s retention scores actually stack up very well against the pros,” says Kennedy.  
The project is just getting started and more production and placement are being planned. The videos featuring John Stong can be seen on the Dake YouTube channel and more information is available at
The Dake brand has appeared on industrial equipment since 1887. Today, Dake’s industrial strength machines include presses, saws and metal fabrication equipment. Dake also manufactures and distributes ferrous and nonferrous castings. More information is available at