Did you know that the Mars Rovers already include parts manufactured by our very own Hudson Technologies? Now they have a chance to expand their universe. 

In an effort to reach new markets with its products, Hudson put their standard metal diaphragm catalog online.  Within days, they were contacted by a private sector space company that was interested in parts that could be used for its space program. In fact, they were contacted by three separate departments, independently. One of the departments is looking for diaphragms that can be used to control and maintain pressurization of the astronaut’s space suits.The need for this product will be small, but it opens doors application-wise. The key to these types of products are the metals used, and the tight tolerances that are held during the manufacturing processes.  

The diaphragm application for the space suit came right out of Hudson’s catalog.  Hudson is one of the few companies in the world capable of providing these types of precision products.  The needs may be small now, but once proven the applications could be endless. And let’s be honest, if you can take Hudson’s diaphragms to space, you can take them anywhere. If that’s not a selling point, what is?