A New Way of Healthier Sitting

At work, many of us sit more than anything else we do.  By some estimates we often sit more than nine hours per day, which is probably more than most of us are sleeping, on an average basis. 
We know we should get up move more but when sitting is required there are options that promote “active sitting” – a healthier way to sit.  This is the goal behind two revolutionary new chairs from izzy+.izzy+ offers the fully featured task chair, Wabi, and its conference/classroom seating sidekick, Nikko, revolutionary new chairs that promote active sitting - a healthier way to sit
The process of developing a better chair took several years of research and refinement before this spring’s launch of Wabi and Nikko, the most ambitious seating products in the 13-year history of izzy+.
The two complementary designs -- the fully featured task chair, Wabi, and its conference/classroom seating sidekick, Nikko -- are the result of collaboration with well-respected industrial designer Sava Cvek of Boston and Grand Valley State University professor of physical therapy Barbara Hoogenboom.
The seat pan design of both Wabi and Nikko is engineered to support optimal and healthy pelvic alignment in intuitive ways, tilting the pelvis slightly forward and maintaining a balance side-to-side that reduces pressure points on the body’s sitting bones.
“In creating the Wabi and Nikko chairs, we sought to make a very complex technology work seamlessly in a very simple, effortless way for all users, regardless of their size or preferences,” said Cvek, the principal designer of the chairs and the president of SCA Development International.   
“Design, technology and science all converge in these chairs,” said Chuck Saylor founder and CEO of izzy+.  “They were created to promote the best possible posture for sitting, by aligning your pelvis appropriately. We designed the chairs to promote just the right amount of balance and support while encouraging healthy movement.”
The family of chairs is available in a variety of textiles and frame colors -- with coordinating mesh backs.  A full description of options for Wabi and Nikko is available on the izzy+ website: http://izzyplus.com/izzy/products/wabi--nikko.aspx
The chairs debuted in February during the annual izzy+ Valentine’s Day promotion to the architecture and design community.  They also will be highlighted during the upcoming NeoCon World’s Trade Show in Chicago from June 9-11, 2014. 
ABOUT izzy+
The employees of izzy+ (www.izzyplus.com) design, manufacture and market office furniture and seating that solve real problems for real people. The focus is to provide designers with the tools to create inspiring work spaces for forward-thinking customers in home offices and small businesses, in executive offices and board rooms, in hospitals and classrooms. Its award-winning products are marketed under the brand names izzy, HÅG, Harter, Fixtures Furniture and ABCO. Based in Spring Lake, MI, izzy+ is a business of JSJ Corporation of Grand Haven, MI.