Our Next Generation of Leaders

Our internship program is a wonderful opportunity for young professionals to stretch themselves, and get a taste of what it’s like to work alongside those with many years of experience. What we discover after they return to college or a new job is that we miss them – but we have gained so much. Our young colleagues have gifted us with new knowledge and great inspiration for the future!

What was their takeaway? Here are a few observations:

Dayton Bieber, Mcloone

“The most exciting and rewarding part was my work with Google AdWords. It was awesome to see how my changes shaped the campaigns and how they produced more leads by bringing people to our websites. I also wrote blog articles for our Case Labels USA website. I get to delve into the industry and learn about interesting advancements and practices and then give my two cents on the topic.”

Eric Vanderklok, Dake

“The most rewarding part was gaining the trust from Dake, having responsibilities and projects put on my shoulders, and executing them to see final improvements that benefited the business. Being a production assistant intern at Dake was an accomplishment in itself. But being involved within a well-established business and gaining this experience outside the classroom was something that I couldn’t have imagined gaining from a summer internship.”

Lindsay Munson, izzy+

“The most rewarding part was knowing that my project is impacting the company in a positive way, leading to more efficiency and overall satisfaction. Something I did not expect is the quality of the relationships I built with people, and especially my mentors. The people I connected with both at izzy+ and JSJ were all beyond helpful and made me feel important and confident in my abilities.” 

Matt Jacobson, izzy+

“The most rewarding part was the opportunity to make an impact that directly affected product appearance, function and production. My biggest challenge was working outside my marketing major on a supply chain/engineering project (JSJ value = learn by doing), and learning the importance of integrating the insights of multiple areas of the business to make decisions (JSJ value = work together).”

Ryan Christiansen, GHSP

“Being able to go through the whole design process was my favorite part. It was exciting to be in meetings and talk about design concepts for a problem that needs to be fixed, resulting in a CAD drawing and finally producing a prototype. One unexpected thing I learned was how much interaction our team had with the rest of the company, and how important communication and other business skills are for an engineer.”