For nearly 100 years, the people of JSJ have been known by and for our enduring values. By committing these ideals to paper, we affirm their power to govern our relationships and direct our decisions.

Earn Trust

  • Personally earn the trust of colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and your community in every interaction.
  • Begin with trust, expecting people to act in good faith.
  • Be open, fair and honest.
  • Honor commitments and be accountable to each other, adult-to-adult.

Learn by Doing

  • Have a bias toward action and look at every experience as a learning opportunity.
  • Get results; a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.
  • Be curious and continuously learn and grow.
  • Seek out new challenges and take calculated risks.
  • Lead by example and provide opportunities for others to learn.

Work Together

  • Be a team player; place our shared fate above personal ambition.
  • Embrace a diversity of thinking and respect each person's unique contribution.
  • Create an environment free of fear, where healthy conflict leads to better solutions.
  • Be open to the unknown and the possibility of being uncomfortable.
  • Recognize others' contributions to the team's success.

Steward our Legacy

  • Preserve the legacy of our founders while reinventing the business for the next generation.
  • Celebrate our shared heritage.
  • Make a difference by creating something better than what you begin with.
  • Invest in businesses, people, and communities for the long term.
  • Take personal responsibility for health, safety, and our environment.


While our businesses might change over time, we remain fully committed to our customers and partners, our employees and our communities.